Dawn McCann(non-registered)
Bill-I had no idea what a talent you have!! These photos are amazing!
Leslie kirkwood(non-registered)
I am totally amazed, Bill. What a great job!
Great pictures, as always, Bill!! I love to see your work. Keep it up!!
Hey Bill - after all this time, I decided to check out your website. I had no idea I would find such an amazing collections of photos. You are truly talented! I remember when you took that photo of Phoebe and how I loved it. I think it takes a special kind of love to capture the beautiful pet and nature photos you have displayed here. Thanks for sharing your talent!
Bart Angier(non-registered)
It think it must piss God off when people don't see the essence of nature. Thank you for capturing and revealing that essence for those of us who are too distracted or busy to see it. Amazing images.
J and Sara(non-registered)
This website is lovely! Great job. We're so proud of you.
Great Photos. How about a few free prints for your cousin?
Your photos are amazing! I believe you truly do capture the essence of nature.
Your Dad(non-registered)
Excellent site Will!! I know you'll do well with it. Your talent with photography and animals is fantastic!! Love you.
Season Lee(non-registered)
Love the website Bill! So glad you're pursuing your passion...can't wait to have an original on my wall!
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